Creative Consultant. Specialising in lingerie and loungewear. concept, design, branding, art direction, and most of the bits in-between...


Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

All the crayons in the box! Claudette Pride rainbow.

All the crayons in the box! Claudette Pride rainbow.


Bok Goodall

A highly motivated fashion industry consultant, specialising in lingerie and sleepwear categories. Specialist in the design of DD+ lingerie.
Experienced with European and US markets.
Skills include design and development of product to market, fit and construction, visual concepts including, but not limited to, branding, photoshoots and printed materials and packaging. Excellent grasp of trends. Strong design aesthetics and an intimate grasp of manufacturing. 

Specialising in illustration.

Private label project management from design through to delivery.
On-strategy, on-time, on-budget.
Additional skills include sales, forecasting management, relationship building, strategic planning, marketing, and range planning.